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Where can I find RoundUpRanch Shopping Links?

RoundUpRanch Rules
Roundup Ranch has a zero tolerance policy for personal attacks for any reason. Personal attacks will result in member being deleted from our data base.

Roundup Ranch is our home and as in all homes there has to be some rules.

Following is not allowed:

Posting of any form of advertising including: URL's with affiliate codes, referrer tags, tracking numbers or anything which actively benefits you or a website you are affiliated with.

Posting a coupon or promotion for a company you work for under the guise that you are a consumer.

Posting of sexually explicit/pornographic content, images or websites.

Posting links to or promoting other "freebie" or "coupon" websites.

Use of a false, invalid or e-mail address that does not belong to you.

Posting Information on how to defraud any company.

Anything that violates the trademark or copyright material.

Posting rude or abusive remarks or comments towards others.

Registration of more than one Roundup Ranch accounts under different names/email addresses.

Using Roundup Ranch information to be posted on other boards.

'Spying' on Roundup Ranch forums without posting.

Not having fun.

How to post a picture
How to post a image.

Sign up at:

Click on join now

Click on Browse. A new window will pop up and select the pciture (from your hard drive) you want to upload


Once you have uploaded your picture(s) you will notice each picture has 3 coding below it.

URL coding you use when you writing in html
TAG coding you can use on the board
IMG coding can also be used on the board

The easiest coding to use is .. IMG

Click on the word [B]Img[/B] then right click on the blue coding and select copy.


On the message/reply square you right click and select paste


Repeat for each picture you want to to show on RoundUpRanch.


Also use the picture botton above


When you click on that a new window will pop up


From there you can input the url where the picture can be found


Hit .. OK

Your picture will now show up on RoundUpRanch.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM any Admin or Mod. We are more then will to help and explain things.

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